Competency-based interview, personality inventories used to evaluate the qualifications of new graduates as well as experienced candidates who meet the employment requirements of each position. Positions are offered to candidates who are found suitable after all of the aforementioned assessments. At this stage, we aim to assign suitable candidates to specific departments, by carefully reviewing qualifications, assessing knowledge, skill, and competency.

Our intern program is very important not only for organizing an educative and joyful training for our interns but also for meeting people who have compatible profiles that match our corporate culture, who can feasibly contribute to our organization.

The Performance Management Process (PMP) ensures continuous improvement of each employees’ performance in line with established corporate targets. PMP has a two-stage scoring system, namely Target Review and Competency Review. Performance Analysis is also based on certain Human Resources factors such as identifying appropriate persons for various open positions (internal transfer, career planning opportunities, etc.) and determining specific areas of improvement.

The education and improvement opportunities created for employees are the most important factors that form the unique profile in Sweeto. Based on the notion “Training is the most important investment of a company to employees and accordingly its own future”, professional and personal improvement training sessions are held and leadership development programs are engaged in throughout the year to improve the knowledge and skills of employees and boost the level of quality service this beneficial agenda is closely followed by all employees.

Good quality career planning is directly proportional to the success of one’s career within Sweeto. Career planning can be horizontal or vertical; it is associated with authorization, responsibility and increased wage. Fulfillment of preliminary criteria for the position-specific evaluation of knowledge, experience, and performance is vital for constructive career planning.

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What makes the difference is that people love their job.

Fora Sweets believes that the most important role in achieving its success is the value given to human resources and sees its employees as the basis of all its activities; It has adopted the goal of being an exemplary and always preferred employer in its sector, with qualified manpower with its practices that will ensure continuous development and high performance.

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